If you have Venus in Taurus, you have Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure, on your side. Venus loves luxury, riches, and the finer things in life. And Taurus is ruled by Venus. Let’s just say that Venus is very happy in the sign of Taurus! It also magnifies certain physical characteristics for those Venus in Taurus natives. So, here’s a little about the Venus in Taurus woman’s appearance. 

The Venus in Taurus Woman’s Appearance and Style

Sensual by nature, the Venus in Taurus woman’s appearance exudes grace and charm. Like a typical Taurus, they are slower in movement and methodical in their expression. Their aesthetic may be luxurious, but don’t expect them to be gaudy and/or glittery. 

Her Fashions

You can spot a Venus in Taurus woman simply by her luxe yet comfortable style. She loves clothing items that accentuate her sensuality and beauty while also feeling comfortable. Thanks to her Venetian and Taurean nature, she may rock fabrics like fine silks. Any fabric that feels wonderful to the touch will do. 

Plus, although she will know about fads and what’s trending, a Venus in Taurus woman’s appearance usually reflects her authentic style. Classic pieces that she can mix and match are the go-to staple for this natal placement.

Natural Things

The Venus in Taurus woman loves all things nature and natural. Floral patterns are a love of hers and you may find her donning crystals around her neck. Due to her love of comfort and simplicity, this gal usually wears little to no makeup. When she does wear makeup, she chooses more natural hues, like browns, pinks, lilacs, and creams. 

All About The Senses

Venus in Taurus women are all about the senses. They love to smell amazing and usually have a signature scent that is light and natural and does not overpower others. A great gift idea for a Venus in Taurus woman is a lotion that tickles her senses that she can add to her collection. 

Venus in Taurus appearance

Taking Care of Herself 

She loves to take care of herself and her physical appearance. For Venus in Taurus natives, their physical appearance projects a lot about who they are. Even if they are in a t-shirt and jeans, they make sure their clothes are pressed and clean. So, make sure to always take care of the way you look! This will help boost your self-confidence in spades as your outer appearance is deeply connected to your self-esteem. 

Celebrity Examples of Venus in Taurus Appearance

A great example of a celebrity with a Venus in Taurus appearance is Jessica Alba. A double Taurus, she is a quieter celebrity and isn’t much in the spotlight. When she does show up to events, her makeup is quite natural. And her passions now lie in creating and selling organic products for The Honest Company. 

More About the Venus in Taurus Woman

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If you wish to learn more about this natal chart placement and how you are in a relationship, this article gives you the lowdown. From one Venus in Taurus woman to another, I wish you great luxury, self-expression, and high self-esteem all day every day!