Although I’ve always loved astrology, I recently began digging deeper into my natal chart after what felt like my millionth mid-life crisis. I had quit another job after feeling completely stifled and wondered, wtf is wrong with me? It felt like no job would satiate my need and thirst for freedom and expression. But I have to pay bills, that’s just not the way society rolls. So, what gives? I thought. Why am I like this? I begged myself. Why do I struggle with staying put at a 9-5? Why do I always feel the grass will be greener on the other side? To find the answers, I turned to the planets. And after looking up my natal chart, which you can also do for free at, I discovered that I have Uranus in the 10th house in my natal chart.

Uranus in 10th House in Scorpio- The 10th House Meaning

The 10th house is the house of career, recognition, popularity, fame, legacy, and how the world sees you – and that’s where I have Uranus. That means that Uranus and it’s personality traits will directly affect and reflect what I need and desire in a professional setting in order to feel fulfilled and happy. Thing is, Uranus is a hell of a planet to please. Let me explain. 

The Uranus 411

Uranus is ruled by Aquarius. It’s a planet that represents innovation, abrupt changes, technology, the internet, freedom autonomy, independence, and unconventionalism. If you have Uranus in your 10th house in your natal chart you will need all of these things in your career. That’s a long list, my people, and it’s a list that encompasses job aspects that our archaic society doesn’t embrace. So, if you have Uranus in the 10th house, you probably feel easily stifled. That’s why you quit and want to go off on your own and start your own business. That’s why you rather take an odd job here and there than conform to a desk job forever. 

Uranus in the 10th in Scorpio House Needs

Simply put, WE NEED FREEDOM. A conventional 9-5, where we punch in and out, are micromanaged, or are put in a box just won’t do. 

Of course, you might be able to suck it up depending on your other placements, but most Uranus in 10th house in Scorpio people cannot just stick their head in the sand and do it. Ahem, myself included. That’s why we often have 10 careers instead of sticking to one. We rarely retire from any job, which is why we really need to set up a Roth IRA so we have retirement savings in the bank. We also can’t stand authority, so we need to be our own boss. And we don’t like being told what to do. 

If you have this aspect in your natal chart, you may even bump heads with employers or find yourself being picked on by a boss. They can sense your Big Uranus Energy – and most employers don’t want an employee to outshine them. And Uranus energy shines, baby. 

What You Should Do Professionally Instead

Instead of trying to fit your Uranus energy into a box, you need to break free! An amazing way to do this is to become a professional freelancer where you work from your computer and for yourself. Some examples of fields is website development and UX design, blogging, SEO, writing and copywriting, video editing and animation, or even vlogging and podcasting. As you build your career, you can work part time. Or find short-term work that doesn’t demand much from you. Some remote and part time jobs suggestions are virtual assistant, an online tutor, and freelance writing, as I mentioned. 

You can even do what I did, which is to get a full-time remote job for a technology start up, as they tend to have a more liberal and unconventional work culture. I still write and blog because my ultimate goal is to work for myself full time (or part time!) one day. In the meantime, to pay the bills and save for a house and retirement, I stay put at a job that I enjoy enough mostly because I have an awesome team and the freedom that I crave.  

The Silver Lining

When you stop trying to fit into society’s mold of the professional that you’re supposed to be, and realize what you need and crave professionally due to this placement, you will settle at a career and/or job that fulfills you. Astrologers say this usually occurs in your 40s. I’m 43, so let’s hope this blogging/writing/relationship community thing takes off! I may not have the stamina to keep up with my Uranus needs. Momma needs retirement and health benefits!

uranus in the 10th house natal

The Checklist

For those who rather not read, here’s a rundown of how Uranus in the 10th house in your natal chart affects you professionally: 

  • You quit many many jobs.
  • You’re a rule breaker and dislike boundaries. 
  • You want freedom! 
  • You love technology and rather work in technological fields. Some examples are IT, blogging and vlogger work (like me!) 
  • Find an unconventional career. 
  • Work from home because…freedom.
  • You and authority don’t really mix and don’t like being told what to do. 
  • It’s possible that you’ve been picked on by employers or bump heads with employers overall. 
  • You need a job where you have full autonomy. 
  • Get a job where there is constant change. Also, you may crave a little bit of chaos because you get bored easily. 

And that’s it! That’s what it’s like to have Uranus in your 10th house in your natal chart. Godspeed, my friends. I know it’s not an easy life, but we’ve got this! Knowing is half the battle and after reading this, you are knowledgeable AF.