I’ve learned a lot about myself through astrology. By studying my birth chart and the energy that each planet carries, I’ve unveiled layers of my personality that I wasn’t quite sure how to harness. That includes my sensual and earthy nature, which I can now attribute to my Venus in Taurus as a woman. 

Sun Sign in Aries with a Venus in Taurus 

Let’s start at the beginning: my sun sign of Aries. Our sun sign is our core identity. As an Aries, I am ruled by Mars and I am a little (okay, a lot) rough around the edges. My Mars papi is also responsible for my red-hot passion, creativity, and ambition. At times I am overly assertive and fiery instead of graceful and soft, even though that sensual and luxurious Venus in Taurus vibe is what I want to exude. Because it’s much easier to hold up armor than to move through life uninhibited and vulnerable. 

So, how else does having Venus in Taurus affect our lives as women? How does having a Venus in Taurus as a woman shift the personality attributed by our sun sign? 

Venus in Taurus Traits

If you have a Venus in Taurus as I do, you may be fiercely loyal, warmly affectionate, and a lover of pleasure and luxury. A woman with Venus in Taurus is obsessed with beautiful aesthetics. We love to adorn ourselves in jewelry, dress in bright colors, have luxurious hair, and look our best at all times. We are also feminine, stubborn, family-oriented, and strong. And we live to be the hostess with the mostest, pouring every detail and effort into the theme, decor, and ambiance of our cocktail parties and events. However, as much as we love to entertain, we also relish being at home with loved ones, enjoying the comforts that come with a cozy household. (That we decorate and organize to perfection.) 

Venus in Taurus and Relationships

Ruled by Venus, we love to be loved and to be taken care of. We utilize our senses to show affection and love affection as well. Venus in Taurus women take a slower approach to love and relationships. Personally, I was a slow bloomer despite my passionate nature and love of the chase (Sun in Aries). When I date someone new, I don’t open up emotionally very quickly  (Venus in Taurus). I have to feel safe and secure to trust someone with my heart. For a Venus in Taurus woman, our partner must feel like a safe haven. 

Commit to Your Best Friend

A Venus in Taurus woman will have a lot more success in love if they marry their best friend, or commit to a partner that they’ve known for a long time. I wish I dug into my birth chart sooner and known this fact. I probably would have avoided many of my romantic pitfalls and perhaps even married one of my male best friends. I rejected a few close male friends because it was too easy (damn you, Aries sun, and my former need to chase!) 

Venus in Taurus

Show Me the Money

Venus isn’t only the planet of love, it’s also all about luxury and money. A woman that has a Venus in Taurus in her natal chart wants to be taken care of sensually, emotionally, and financially. 

As an independent Aries, I didn’t realize this need until my last relationship. My then-partner did not believe in providing financially for his significant other. I’m far from a golddigger, but as a Venus in Taurus woman, I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom (that tender, nurturing homey Taurus side) that worked on projects she loved (that passionate, creative, entrepreneurial Aries side), and to do so with the support of my then fiance and the father of my son. 

Embracing Both Sides

Once I saw my chart, my needs, desires, and role in romantic relationships made so much sense. This planetary uncovering has allowed me to tap into the parts of myself that have been buried. For decades, I ignored my inner Venetian Goddess because I didn’t feel worthy enough to embody her traits. That I was too much of a bold, assertive, brass, and fiery Aries.

I am in fact both women. Thanks to astrology I continue to explore a softer and more confident side of me. I shower in the morning and lather myself with lotion. I meticulously apply my makeup and curl my hair or pin it up. I am taking all of the time that I need to beautify myself so that I can feel fully myself. I have embraced the planetary positions in my birth so that I can continue to live my life as my true, authentic, whole self.