When doggy paddling inside the dating pool most of us have a checklist of do’s, don’ts, and must-haves. You’re swimming along and meet a cute and intelligent man but there’s no chemistry. You find another suitable suitor that is an amazing conversationalist but his face is covered in tattoos. And then there’s the one you’ve been eyeing from across the pool. You dive in and can’t wait to kiss his kissable lips. And he drops a bomb: he doesn’t want marriage, kids, or a relationship. Dejected, you return to the shallow end (if you’re a terrible swimmer like me) and contemplate dumping your relationship dealbreakers. This is when I yell, “STOP!” from my lifeguard chair. I jump off and march over to you to remind you not to compromise or settle – or you’ll end up with this guy!

silly relationship dealbreakers
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Now, if you have any of these eight silly relationship dealbreakers. you may be too picky and demanding – and should rethink your dealbreakers!

8 Silly Relationship Dealbreakers for Women to Forget

Short Short Man

Height is important to many women but it doesn’t make the man. If you’re an average-height woman, move past his inches if he checks your other boxes. You might pass up a wonderful relationship that can flourish and where you can reach new heights just because he’s five foot five. 

Blue Collar Work

As long as a man can financially support himself (legally) and wants to build a great life with you, his career shouldn’t matter as much. However, women often assume that a Blue Collar guy isn’t polished or smart. But what we do for work does not equate to intelligence. A Blue Collar guy can treat you with respect, be empathic, and have great common sense. A partner doesn’t need to run the world to be a great catch. 

silly relationship dealbreakers

College Education

For me, a man with any kind of education is ideal. Does he have to have a Ph.D. or a Masters degree? No! I’d be happy with a man that works hard and has an Associates degree at a minimum because, as I stated earlier, a degree doesn’t equate to intelligence. Being mentally stimulated stems from so much more than a framed diploma. 

Ethnic Flavor

This relationship dealbreaker for women should be more of a preference. Because love comes in all colors. Be more open to dating men from other cultures and races. This way you do not limit yourself and may find your perfect match. 

Grammar Police

As a writer, I get annoyed when people don’t text with periods or commas. I feel outraged when friends use “u” instead of spelling out “you.” And don’t get me going on confusing “their” and “there.” I’ve felt the same when meeting men on dating apps. In the past, I’d run for the hills. Don’t get me wrong, I still roll my eyes when a guy messages me, “u up?” or “i like u,” but it is no longer a relationship dealbreaker.

Promiscuous Past

I once questioned a man’s intentions because he hadn’t been in a real relationship for years. He played the field (ahum, Ho Status) and I assumed that he could not be trusted. That was unfair of me. So, I say dump this relationship dealbreaker. We all have a past and shouldn’t be judged by who or how many people we banged when single. 

Tech Deprived

As a big tech and social media fanatic, I judged men who weren’t on the ‘Gram or Facebook. Even my mother is on Facebook! Now I realize it might be a great thing when a man isn’t constantly posting on social media. So, dump this relationship dealbreaker and ask him to join you for a selfie, Queen!