Whether you’ve been heartbroken, unlucky in love, or just in need of healthy love, manifestation can bring forth a desired romantic connection. You just have to get clear and be confident. You have to love yourself and believe that you deserve healthy love. Once your mindset is set (nothing can rattle you!) it’s time to utilize manifestation tools, like meditation, affirmations and mantras, and crystals for manifesting love. 

Crystals have magical properties, bringing in abundance and healing. There are also specific crystals to attract love into our lives. So, if you’re ready for love and are feeling yourself like Cardi B when she sings, “Walking past a mirror, ooh, “Damn, I’m fine!” use these crystals for manifesting love. 

9 Crystals for Manifesting Love

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is a heart chakra stone that is said to boost self-love. Rich with feminine energy and attracting unconditional love, Rose Quartz aids you in healing painful wounds and relationship heartache. Healing is the first step to manifesting love, so grab a Rose Quartz crystal to begin your love journey. Get it on Amazon


Looking for a new relationship? Of course, that’s why you’re here! Aventurine is a perfect crystal for manifesting love as it carries an energy of success. Whatever Aventurine touches turns to gold, so to speak. Grab this beautiful green crystal and manifest a love that is as healthy as it is abundant. Get it on Amazon.


Much like the Rose Quarts, Amethyst is a popular crystal known to bring peace and healing to all it touches. It is especially recommended for anyone experiencing a breakup. Heal yourself first with Amethyst, learn to love yourself with Rose Quartz, and get your manifestation on with Amethyst. Buy on Amazon. 

crystals for manifesting love


Let’s get to the root of the matter, shall we? With Garnet, you can heal your root chakra, which denotes your feeling of security and stability, or lack thereof. This stone will instill confidence as you root yourself within yourself. A solid foundation is of the utmost importance when manifesting love. Purchase on Amazon.


Pining for the one that got away? With its powerful feminine energy and connection to the moon, the Moonstone will help you attract the past guy of your dreams. Just make sure you really want him back. Get on Amazon.

Pink Tourmaline 

Another heart chakra stone (cause we’re talking about matters of the heart!) Pink Tourmaline attracts love and abundance as it helps open up the heart chakra. Its pink colors ignite compassion and healing and it’s a perfect stone for those that are tired and want to give up on love. Buy on Amazon.


Before manifesting love, clear your heart of resentment and anger. That means you must forgive yourself and others for the pain that was caused. Rhodonite is the perfect crystal to manifest love as its healing properties lead us to forgiveness. Get on Amazon.


A crystal that shines as bright as the sun, Citrine’s energy is pure joy and positivity. This radiant crystal can lighten up the energy in your heart and in your life, which is necessary to attract love. Buy on Amazon.


We sometimes look for love in all the wrong places. Luckily, Obsidian is a crystal that protects us from negative energy. Carry it with you when you’re single and ready to mingle. With this stone, the right man that deserves you and will love you and protect you will come along. Get on Amazon.