Couples fight! It’s a part of relationships and, some say, it’s even healthy to spar with your mate. Disagreements often show us what our partner thinks and feels about a specific topic. Arguments reveal how compatible (or incompatible) you are, giving couples insight on their opposing values. These types of arguments can be especially painful, which is why arguing about core values can become a couples biggest fight.

biggest fights as a couple
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The Biggest Fights That Can Make or Break Your Relationship

Your differences don’t mean you aren’t in love with your significant other or that they don’t make you happy (most of the time). It does, however, mean that you should sit down with your partner and get clear on important relationship topics. 

Life happens, finances change, and familia, well, they always have something to say. No matter how lovey dovey you are as an item, you may not be able to escape the big fights. Here are some of the biggest fights that can make or break the relationship. 

Elder Care

“No, you mom CANNOT live with us!” you yell at your bae before slamming the bedroom door. Elder care is a real issue that negatively impacts relationships. Let’s say your man can’t fathom the thought of his blessed momma living in a nursing home. When the time comes he’s set on moving her into your basement. The basement that you wanted as an office or a playroom for the kids or, even better — a walk-in closet just for you! 

This argument can cause serious trouble in paradise due to the serious implications, such as responsibilities, home life, money, and your quality of life as a couple and family. 

Money Woes 

How much you spend and how much you make as a couple can rock your happy relationship — and sink it faster than you can say “financial planner.” That’s because we all have a personal relationship with money. Whether your parents taught you to be frugal or you weren’t taught a thing about savings, and now splurge like a rapper that’s on a mother fuckin’ boat…

…one of your biggest fights will be about money. When all is said (spent) and done remember the love. And perhaps open separate bank accounts. 

Child Rearing (and Beating)

Ooh child! If anything causes couples to shriek at the top of their lungs, it’s child rearing and whether or not to hit your child(ren) as a form of discipline. Much like money, how you want to raise your kid(s) has a lot to do with your upbringing  – and how far you’ve evolved past your parents’ way of doing things.  


It’s a personal preference so you and your guy may not see eye to eye. What can make it worse is if you don’t get on the same page and your children take note. They will take advantage and it may be WWII all over again. 

Unwelcome Friends

You hate his friends or he hates yours (or both). It may not seem like a big deal in the early stages of your relationship (seeing that you spend every minute together), but you’ll come up for air and mingle with friends a lot more frequently as your relationship progresses. 

That’s when it gets tricky. You feel uncomfortable and he knows it. He wants to go home and you want to keep hanging with your pals. It’s like you’re constantly walking on eggshells and have to grin and bear it when you’re around his social circle or he’s around yours. 

Not getting along with his or her friends can become a big fight overtime. The tension will cause an argument and, if your relationship is fairly new, even an ultimatum and/or break up. 

Old Habits

Old habits die hard and that includes single person behavior. When transitioning from the single life to relationship goals it may be difficult to stop partying with friends, coordinate plans, and to be as available as you once were. Eventually, someone will have enough and feel like their partner is still acting like a single person. A fight will ensue and, if you don’t handle it with care, it may just be your biggest and your last.