My only long distance relationship was a dud because the guy I dated was a dud. Paco lived in Las Vegas, but had little need or desire for sin or adventure. He was seco; his idea of affection was holding hands for 5 seconds. I liked him enough to want to keep at it, but I desperately needed some relationship advice for long distance couples and found typical tips, such as, Facetime and schedule time together, irrelevant. We were already doing those things! What I needed was a way to spice things up

I found a way and I am sharing these tips with you today. Because a long distance relationship doesn’t have to fail. You can have great sex and keep things interesting. Here is some relationship advice for long distance couples to help you spice up your love affair from miles away. 

Relationship Advice for Long Distance Couples to Spice Things Up

Paired App

There’s this super cute app called Paired that is perfect for couples in long distance relationships. Paired allows couples to play games, take quizzes, and even receive relationship advice about sex and intimacy and connection from relationship experts and therapists. You can learn about each other’s love language and attachment style and even answer fun daily questions to bring you closer as a long distance couple. for couples to bring you closer together. You can only see your partner’s response once you have both answered!Learn more about each other’s love language, attachment style, and more with our couple games. It doesn’t get sweeter than that. 

Naked FaceTime

When a regular phone call gets stale, spice up your long distance relationship with naked FaceTime sessions. You can masturbate in front of each other and talk dirty. Feeling extra bold and frisky? Get the perfect camera angle and bring on B.O.B (battery operated boyfriend). Your man might get so turned on that he might book himself on the next flight to come do you! 

X-Rated Letters

I remember how fun it was to receive mail! Now, all I get is credit card offers. (Seriously, how does Citicard follow me at every address?) It doesn’t have to be that way. The best relationship advice for long distance couples that I can give you is to get creative – and that means to get wordy. Think like your favorite Harlequin author and write an X-rated letter. Tell him what you’re going to do to him when you see him next. Seal it with a kiss and a splash of your perfume. He’ll be so excited for snail mail! 

Write an Erotic Story

If you want to kink it up a notch, imagine he’s an editor at a small publishing house that specializes in erotica – and you really want to get published. Write your very own Candi and read him an excerpt every night. If writing isn’t your forte, pick up a raunchy book from your local bookstore and read the kinky words of another to your love. The point is to think outside the box.

relationship advice for long distance couples

Care Package

Remember when you were in college and your momma shipped a box of goodies to your dorm. She’d send money, food, sazon and your favorite sweets. You can do the same for your man. Only ship him dirty photos, a pair of your tangas (unwashed, if he’s into that) and whatever else his heart (and loins) desire.  

Leave Notes

The next time you leave your love in another state leave a love note in his drawer. If he’s visiting you, hide your sexy letter in his suitcase. Tuck in one more surprise, if you dare: a naked selfie. That’ll hit the spot no matter where you are or how far.