It had been months since we’d had sex. 3 to be exact. I always swore we’d never be that couple. That I would never allow days to become weeks and weeks to become months without attempting to jump his bones, if he wasn’t trying to get inside my panties. He wasn’t. I wasn’t. I had no interest in seeing him naked or giving him a Happy Ending. I didn’t care to reignite intimacy. We were in a sexless funk, living under the darkest cloud, because of resentment. 

I resented him for not supporting my dreams of creative entrepreneurship and for “forcing” me to #adult (ie. get a full time job). He resented me for being choosy about employment (I didn’t want to settle for a career that I wasn’t passionate about) and for placing the financial burden of building a stable foundation for our family on his shoulders. He was right – sorta. Inadvertently, while being laser focused on my career as a writer, radio show host, and creativepreneur, I abandoned all practicality. Pragmatism has never been my strong suit. But I was also right: my ex met me just as I am. I never hid my career or my passions. In fact, when we met on Plenty of Fish I was recently unemployed after a stint on FM radio when living in Los Angeles. He still decided to ask me to move in, propose, and make a baby with me.

Reignite Intimacy After Resentment

So you see why I wasn’t excited to reignite intimacy after resentment. Not only were we not having sex, we also weren’t expressing our feelings. And, as they say, communication is key. Especially when your relationship is falling apart. 

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