La India has a lovely salsa that explains why women stay in relationships when unhappy. 

Yo tampoco tengo nada que sentir y eso es peor,” she sings, “pero te extraño…” 

Translation: I don’t love you either, but I miss you! Because oftentimes, women remain in relationships even when unfulfilled because it’s just what we’re used to. La costumbre, she continues to sing, es mas fuerte que el amor.  

why women stay in relationships
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Why Women Stay in Relationship When They’re Unhappy

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Many of us have remained (or still are) in loveless relationships, partnerships, and marriages. There are various logical reasons. Here are just a few. 

Refuse to give up

Giving up on someone you love is no easy feat, even if it means putting your needs second. Jenna, 27, from Boston stayed in a relationship with then boyfriend, Jason, although he planned to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of working in the entertainment industry. 

“I knew that wasn’t for me,” admitted Jenna, “but there was love there, there was a connection, and I was willing to put my needs and priorities aside because I thought it would be worth it.” 

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