A lot of good can come from heartbreak. Whether you feel your relationship was yanked from your fingertips or you made the choice to move on, a breakup can become an opportunity to personally develop and learn much-needed lessons. At least once you get over a heartbreak. The ending of a relationship can also protect us from settling for a partner that no longer serves us. As they say, rejection is God’s protection.

How to Get Over a Heartbreak 

How do you stop wallowing over a heartbreak with a tub of Turkey Hill ice cream?

get over a heartbreak
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Now, it’s time to throw yourself into something (not someone) else.  Paint the town fuchsia with girlfriends, read romance novels, or pick up a hobby. I personally get over a relationship by throwing myself into my creativity. Being creative is a no-brainer for me; I am laser-focused, placing all my focus, passion, and heart into all things writing and creating. Maybe you should try it as well! Take it from me: there are many benefits to using your creativity as a tool to get over a heartbreak. So, use your creativity( and that pain) to produce something beautiful. Here are some ideas: 

Using Creativity to Get Over a Heartbreak

Crafting Projects

Start a Blog

Take a page from my book (literally) and begin a blog about your breakup. Once you’re ready to date again continue the blog and write about your exciting and maybe even odd dating escapades. If you stay consistent, your dating blog will gain a readership, just like my former blog, Love Sujeiry. This breakup can go from a passionate hobby to a relationship writing career!

get over a heartbreak

Write in Your Journal

If you don’t want to share your business on the interwebs, write in a journal instead. Jot down your thoughts, your woes, the lessons learned, and all of your progress. Write poetry or personal essays. Vent about your ex to release the hurt. But don’t wallow! A journal should be more introspective and less regurgitative. 

Take Photos of Happy Days

Write a Book

You can do the same. If you are a writer or have always desired to write professionally, write a book about your relationships, or a self-help book sharing the lessons you’ve learned. As you can see, the sky’s the limit when using your creativity to get over a heartbreak. So, wipe away those tears and pick up a creative project.