I recently learned that I am a Manifesting Generator. Wait, what is a manifesting generator? Let me explain.

A Manifesting Generator is one of the archetypes in Human Design, which is a fascinating and holistic system that melds astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and Vedic philosophy to help us gain self-awareness and self-knowledge. Once you know your archetype you’ll understand your motivations and behaviors. The descriptors are eerily truthful and so empowering. At least it’s been that way for me. 

I’ve struggled with accepting a major personality trait that is innate to a Manifesting Generator. That of the infinite multitasker. No matter what I do (meditate, pray, emotionally beat myself up) I cannot stop doing and creating.

I set my mind to accomplishing one goal. I’m on a roll. I am focused. I am killing it for days on end.

This time will be different, I tell myself. This time I won’t veer to the left or to the right when another idea magically pops into my head. Because I saw a movie or read a word or kept seeing 333, and why does that praying mantis keep showing up on my kitchen window? 

Only I do. I get an intuitive hit and hit the ground running in the opposite direction of the goal that I initially intended to accomplish. I go full mother fucking speed ahead. And when I look back once I’ve slowed down (it happens rarely, and I gear up again just as quickly) I think, why did I abandon that project? Why am I doing this now instead of that? I was so excited then, why did I stop? What do I really want? Why do I keep creating experiences and projects only to move on to the next thing like a damn road runner? 

Because I am a Manifesting Generator. 

What is a Manifesting Generator? Personality Traits

We are masters at taking action. We have a lot of energy and are multitaskers. We don’t move slow. In fact, we hate slow, and get frustrated with anyone that can’t keep up with our fast minds and actions. Because of our quickness, we skip lots of steps. (Remember how I said I’m onto the next thing and wonder what happened to my previous project? This is why!) But all is not lost. Since we are so quick and efficient, we can always course correct, returning to what we started and abandoned to ensure it’s ready to execute. 

We are multipassionate. We have many talents, many ideas, many passions. That’s why it’s hard for us to choose one thing, especially a career. Guess what? WE DON’T HAVE TO. In fact, choosing one passion stifles us. We become miserable and feel boxed in. And Manifesting Generators hate feeling boxed in. It’s recommended for us to have multiple careers and passions throughout our lifetime to keep us happy. 

We have to feel satisfied with the work we do. If not, we will get frustrated, angry even. It is imperative for us to feel like everything we do brings us fulfillment. We must live in alignment with our passions. Money does not trump satisfaction for us. Even if we try to stay at a job for money, we just can’t. We will complain. We will argue. We will burst. We will eventually quit. 

what is a manifesting generator

We must follow our intuition. Since we do many things at once and have many passions, Manifesting Generators can easily burn out. That’s why we have to learn to listen to and follow our intuition. We are ruled by the gut and sacral center. We have to wait to feel the “yes, this is for me” within versus reacting and taking something on that doesn’t align. I am learning how to do this, how to pause in my speed. I get excited often and say “yes” only to regret not feeling it out. Then I overcommit and get frustrated and sometimes even angry at myself. Listening to our instincts and waiting for the signs, instead of initiating, is the strategy we must use to find fulfillment in life just as we are. 

We have a highly sensitive aura that often needs validation. We may try to play it cool, but we care so much about the opinions of others. We desire validation but we also hide our true sensitivities and vulnerabilities under a mask. Until we suppress our feelings enough that we burst. 

We force things upon us because we think we should do it another way.  Ah, I can relate to this, can you? I used to feel that there was something wrong about the way that I “worked.” Often I heard, “you do too much,” “choose one thing,” “you have too many projects.” In all actuality, that’s how Manifesting Generators thrive, if we follow our intuition and only take on the “too much” that feels right. 

This is exactly why I decided to continue writing after years of trying to be conventional. I thought I was “supposed to” have one career. That I “should” be this kind of employee. That I “should” make this kind of money. Well, I realized that I rather be happy and satisfied than bitter and resentful. Because I am built this way. I follow what feels good, I cherish and explore all of my gifts, I say yes to my internal “yes,” I manifest my wildest dreams, and I create every day.

I am a Manifesting Generator and I am so grateful. 

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