Some people remember their dreams. Others snooze through the night and wake up clueless because they don’t respond to outside stimuli as easily. In other words, they’re heavy sleepers. Well, snap out of it! ‘Cause some dreams are too juicy to forget. That’s right: we’re talking about sex dreams. And these common sex dreams signify a lot more than being horny. 

common sex dreams
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6 Common Sex Dreams and What They Mean

Take a look at what these dream analysts had to say about the meaning of 6 common sex dreams. 

Dream #1: Cheating on a significant other

You’re wrestling in bed — with another lover! Santo Dios! Does that mean you want to cheat on your significant other? Not exactly. 

In your dreams, “you can have sex with everyone, in every position, in every exotic locale and still wake up in the morning wrapped in the stability of a monogamous relationship,” Kelly Sullivan Walden, dream guru and certified clinical hypnotherapist, explained. 

You can wrap your arms around Ryan Guzman and your relationship is still safe! On the flip side, if you are unhappy with your love, “this dream can indicate a desire for variety, adventure, and sexual stimulation that you’re not finding in your present love affair,” continued Walden. 

If you’re constantly wondering if the grass is greener on the other side, explore these feelings before you cheat when you’re awake. 

Dream #2: Being cheated on

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