I grew up Catholic, which means sex was never a topic of conversation. Sure, my relatives would get drunk during family get-togethers and speak in sexual innuendos, but they never really discussed the birds and the bees with any of their kids. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that the taboo subject that is sex does have a spiritual meaning – specifically sex dreams. If you’ve been dreaming about sex and are afraid that you’re going down under (and I do not mean Australia) don’t fret! Sex dreams do have spiritual meanings! What do sex dreams mean spiritually? I’m going to tell ya. 

What do sex dreams mean spiritually? 

Traditionally, sex dreams are viewed as a desire for sex or even tied to our upbringing. However, spiritually, sex dreams are considered to be meaningful. Some spiritual meanings of sex dreams include: 

A union of two souls

What do sex dreams mean spiritually? They can represent a symbol of  spiritual union. Think soulmate energy. It means that you desire to connect on a deeper level (and not just sexual) with the person that you are dreaming about. It can also mean that you want to connect with God or the Universe in a more meaningful way. 

A symbol of creation

Sex dreams can also mean that you desire to create something, whether that be a project or a baby! It represents a desire to tap into your creative juices and bring something into the world. 

Transform like a butterfly

Butterflies represent transformation and so can your sex dream. What do sex dreams represent spiritually? Well, enlightenment. If you are having sex dreams, you may be undergoing a change spiritually, shedding old skin to begin anew. You also desire to move past limits and blocks and to become a more evolved person. 

Unification with self

You may want to unite with another and also with yourself. A sex dream can mean that you wish to integrate various parts of yourself into one whole, evolved self. This could be your masculine and feminine energies, your subconscious and conscious, or your mindset (mind) and emotions (heart). 

what do sex dreams mean spiritually

Craving of intimacy 

A sex dream can simply mean that you want more than sex. You desire an intimate connection overall, and not necessarily with the person you dreamt about. 

Suppressing desires

Don’t kill the messenger, but if you have a sex dream and you feel repressed sexually in the real world, this dream might confirm that you’re suppressing  your desires. That doesn’t mean that you have  to jump the bones of the next person that comes along. However, be mindful of what you are feeling and desiring and if you are releasing said desires. 

Feeling yourself

Yes! Spiritually, sex dreams can mean that you feel like a confident and sex beast. You love yourself and your self-love and self-concept is through the roof! 

Now that you can answer the question “what do sex dreams mean spiritually” remember to continue to explore your sexuality and intimacy in all ways. Don’t fear if a sex dream pops up. Embrace it, love it, and enjoy it regardless of religion or family warnings.